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We are a team of product-focused designers, engineers, product managers, and project managers that can help you design and build software with the lean, agile, delivery-minded processes that startups use (even if you aren’t one). With decades of startup experience on our team, we know how to deliver high quality, scalable digital products fast.

We work with companies ranging from early stage and VC-backed startups to Fortune 50 enterprises. No team launching new products is too small or too big to work with us.

Things we do

UI/UX Design
Web and Mobile Apps
Design Systems
User Research
Product Requirements
Cloud Infrastructure
Solution Architecture
API Integration
Training and Support
Data Science

Why we exist

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After spending 15+ years in various technical leadership roles, Beta Acid’s founder, Ryan, decided the part he loves most about startups is getting to build cool shit. Out of that passion, Beta Acid was born.

Ryan brings his enthusiasm and experience to every Beta Acid project, helping teams of all sizes design, build, and launch new digital products using the methods and expertise he’s developed over the years.

Today, Ryan works alongside a team of 30+ engineers, designers, and other doers to bring all kinds of projects to life. We kick names and take ass (and make obscure Marvel references along the way).

Melt Shop

Case study

Constantly innovating, we helped Melt Shop recognize the new opportunities COVID-19 brought for them. With decreased foot traffic, they invested in their digital presence.

A mobile ordering app and revamped web site allows them to showcase the diverse menus of their new virtual concepts, and a brand new loyalty program gives customers a reason to keep coming back.


With Cardata, we built a brand new tracking app to help their enterprise customers better track mileage for reimbursement.

We worked closely with their leadership team from the UI and UX design phase through architecting and developing the app. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


Case Study

Sesame, a part of Beta Acid Ventures, is an early stage NYC-based restaurant marketplace designed to fix a broken system where third party delivery providers make all the money, restaurants operate at a loss, and consumers are charged ridiculous fees.

Le Pain Quotidien

Case Study

Check out how we helped Le Pain Quotidien, a global bakery and restaurant brand, launch web and mobile ordering apps for their guests.


Case study

We built a digital menu ecosystem for breweries, bars, and restaurants. From world class mobile and desktop apps, to signage solutions for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and more. And we topped it all off with a powerful back-office dashboard.

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Case study

We helped the world's largest brewery go from early-stage prototype to a fully launched, massively scaled product. Powered by data from multiple Point of Sale systems, a machine learning model, and a competitive spirit, this app brings data driven decision making to the front lines of bars and restaurants.


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Whether your ideas are big or small, we know you want it built yesterday. With decades of experience working at, or with, startups, we know how to get things built fast, without compromising scalability and quality.

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