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POURWALL is a startup providing simple, easy to use, digital beer menus for breweries, beer bars, and restaurants.

The digital signage runs on cheap, commercially available hardware, like Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. Beta Acid did a complete refresh for POURWALL, rebuilding the entire ecosystem from the ground up.

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Beer is Fun

Beer is, and should be, fun. That's why we designed a landing page that is bright, colorful, and a little whimsical... it says we don't take ourselves too seriously.

This theme is continued throughout the experience. Creating and updating your digital menus is simple and fun. Bold colors, crisp fonts, and clear action buttons tie everything together.

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Focus on Simplicity

Brewery and bar owners are busy and don't have time to learn another app or hunt through a complicated UI for the feature they want. POURWALL does one thing and does it well.

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Opinionated but Customizable

Not everyone has a designer on staff, so we wanted to provide options out of the box that look good, but still allow every bar to add their own flare.

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Digital Menu Boards

The key point of using POURWALL is to get live draft menus displayed on a TV screen (or multiple screens) in the bar or restaurant and keep them updated, in real-time.

So how did we do that?

Luckily, we're React Native experts and there is a very cool feature in the React Native platform that allows us to build native apps for Android TV and Apple TV. This means if you have any TV that runs Android, or you have a device like a Fire TV or an Apple TV, you just have to install the POURWALL app, link it to your account, and waves hand dramatically: magic!

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Some of the technology that powered this project






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Business Visibility

We wanted to have a good high level view of what's going on every day, so we built a dashboard to give us all the right info in one spot.

Beta Acid is a software development agency based in New York City and Barcelona.

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