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We helped Cardata design and build a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows drivers to track and be reimbursed for their mileage.

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For people who regularly drive their personal cars, accurately tracking reimbursement mileage can be a tedious chore.

We needed to build a mobile app for iOS and Android that accurately detects when someone is in their car and driving on a work related trip.

Precise Tracking

The first technical challenge was to detect when the user is in a car and actually driving (as opposed to walking, running, cycling, or some other activity). To do this we built a React Native bridge that connects to the iOS and Android activity monitors, which use a variety of sensors to classify the device's current activity.

Once we identify that a device is in a car and moving, we use Radar's React Native SDK to precisely track geolocation information for the device.

UX/UI Design

UX and UI design for this app was done in close collaboration with Cardata's internal design team.

Through a series of discovery, exploration, and refinement exercises we created a simple yet intuitive design that is also uniquely Cardata.

Dev Stuff

The Cardata apps are built using React Native which allows us to create a single app across thousands of device configurations, while still adhering to the unique requirements of each operating system.

Because the app relies heavily on hardware sensor data, there were plenty of technical (and QA) challenges to make sure that geodata tracking was instantaneous and accurate across the multitude of devices, even when the app was in the background or the operating system deprioritized it.

Some of the technology that powered this project



React Native




Key Features

Not everyone wants an app to track their geodata 24 hours a day, so we built a scheduling system so that drivers can enable tracking only during their work-day hours. Tracking can also be enabled and disabled at will. This scheduling system also allows us to optimize battery usage.

Realtime Trip Tracking is not the only feature of the app, either. Drivers can also manage their vehicle and insurance data as well as their banking information for quick reimbursements.


We loved working with the Cardata team on this project!

Our collaboration resulted in a seamless, non-invasive way for companies to reimburse drivers, and provides drivers with an easy way to confidently track their business related driving.

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