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We helped Le Pain Quotidien, a global bakery and restaurant brand, launch web and mobile ordering apps for their guests in the United States.

We provided design, engineering, and operational support for their new digital platform.

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Le Pain Quotidien is an established international brand with very loyal customers.

LPQ asked us to help them design, build, and launch digital guest experiences on iOS, Android, and responsive web that were consistent with their global brand image, but tailored to the US market.

The apps would need to connect to their menu, ordering, and loyalty platforms, as well as their in-store operations, to provide a seamless guest experience.

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The first phase of many of our projects is Discovery, where we sit down with everyone involved to listen, learn, and ask questions that allow us to better understand the needs of the company and the people who will ultimately use the products we build.

During this phase we work to understand any technology that is already in place and where the team would like to be. With this information we can create a plan for getting from we are today to the vision of the future we all want.

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UX and Wireframes

Mapping the customer journey through the products we build is a critical part of our design process.

It's important to understand who the users are, the primary things they need to accomplish, and optimize for the experience we want them to have.

Creating visual assets for these journeys helps us communicate the various flows and complexities so everyone involved can understand.

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Design Audit

We worked closely with Le Pain Quotidien's international and US teams to design apps that were true to the brand's established image while still feeling unique.

The teams collaborated through our iterative design review process that allowed us to continuously work towards finding the perfect solution.

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"Working with you and your team has been an extraordinary experience. We are so proud to be able to offer a digital experience that beautifully compliments our in store experience, and supports the well being of our communities."

Becky Mulligan, CEO

Responsive Design

While building native mobile apps is not easy, per se, responsive web apps present a whole different challenge. We have to account for a seemingly infinite number of devices and screen sizes, while providing a consistent and clear experience across all of them.

Before we start any responsive web project we do an analysis of devices used by various cohorts that match the product's expected user demographics. That information is fed into our design process and ultimately to our engineering team.

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Some of the technology that powered this project











In the end we managed to design, build, and launch a new digital experience for Le Pain Quotidien across a variety of platforms, providing a unique but seamless experience for their guests -- from their phone to in store.

We are proud to have collaborated on this project with the extremely talented team at LPQ. Their passion and dedication to their brand and guests inspired us all.

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